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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Shameless Plug for Derek Larson's Awkward Family Photo

Amidst a lot of the housecleaning going on here at the ole Niles Files, during the meantime, the meanwhile, in medias res taco bell, etc, I'm going to plug something for a St. Paul dude, Derek Larson, who has submitted a photo for
The Awkward Family Photo contest, or something. As you can see, parents do very cruel things to their children in the name of photographic immortality. Your task, good readers, is to click on this link and vote for Derek's photo five times, so that he can "win the prize" for his family. And thereby the penance for this truly awkward photo may be paid up in full.

I'm on T.D. Mischke's radio show on WCCO every Thursday night, but I was an avid listener going back to the KSTP days, the station where Mischke began when I was a voracious young Republican in 1992 or thereabouts. Derek has been one of Mischke's great chroniclers, archiving shows and great classic bits at his site, Mischke Madness. More than that, apparently he's a fan of the Niles Files. So either he's got really great taste. Or he plainly doesn't. Either way, I dig the man.

Mischke fans looking into his site would be advised to look for the legendary "Mischke Interview," conducted by Derek in, I believe, 2005. It is a great insight into Mischke the man.

Anyway, you have until Tuesday night, the 9th of August, 2011, to vote for Derek and his long-suffering family, and Mischke will apparently continue to wave the flag on his next couple of shows. Maybe this is a subtler version of what he did at KSTP one November night, when he churned out listeners for a guy named Jesse Ventura.

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  1. The shameless plug on the blog is much appreciated Niles! And this might sound like a forced plug in return -- except I think you already know that I am a huge fan of the Niles Files. I've been listening since the City Pages days and am quite happy that this is one of the few things Mischke carried over to the Nite Show. Movie reviewers seem to be a dime a dozen these days, but to find someone who obviously has a high level of love and appreciation for cinema AND can speak both intelligently and coherently about film -- is truly rare. It is a joy to hear this segment of the show and to hear the serious discussion about film that goes more in depth than you will find anywhere else -- whether on the web, television, in print, etc. I hope this movie segment of the Nite show continues for a long, long time -- at least longer than my shorts.