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Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Godfather Part III, or The Death of Michael Corleone: "The Body Cries Out"

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  1. Fantastic analysis, thank you for sharing this.
    Taught me a few things! I'd recommend this article to anyone who has just seen the film.

  2. Excellent summary, thank you!

  3. Fantastic work. As a non-artist, I often think that art, broadly speaking (and obviously including the written word) is one of the few paths to a sort of immortality, as it lives on far beyond its creation. This post evokes that feeling in me, not only with respect to the film, but also in the written analysi itself (indeed, I'm a couple of years past the original post). Thanks again.

  4. Excellent write up! I appreciate this so much! Well done.

  5. Excellent commentary. It opened up and answered a few questions. Really airbags it and highly recommend this post.

  6. One of the best write ups on this film that I’ve seen. Excellent job!